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Much more than just books…

Articles to help you to help yourself

Authors, Audios, Books and Courses to help you to get more of what you want out of life...

If you wish to use any of our articles, please give credit to the author, a link to and include our copyright notice. Thank you.

Whatever you want from life, and in any area of your life, there is always a way to achieve it. If there wasn’t, then nobody else would have achieved it either would they?

It is NEVER about whether you CAN have more, it is simply about HOW you can achieve it. The first step always lies within you,  in what you think, how you feel, what you know, AND what you decide to do about it.

We may all be physically different, but we  share a common mental capacity to think, feel and behave in any way that we choose. CHANGE YOUR MIND AND YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE, Because your life is fundamentally about the choices and decisions that you make.

Change, however, is what many people fear the most. They hold on to what they have and to where they are, fearing what change could being . Holding on in a guarantee that tomorrow will always be the same as it was today. By facing change and embracing it positively, we open a door that invites what we want, and what we do not have have, into our lives.

Positive change can only come about when we know what we want, what to change, what to do, and how to take the first steps that invite it into our life.

AimHi Publishing provides a growing range of self-help resources for everyone. We also provide opportunities for those with know-how, to show-how, through our publishing services, online resources and self-help programmes. Through AimHi, everyone  you can learn or earn , by becoming a part of our online community of contributors and authors. We will show you how to create, develop and promote what you know, through paperback books, e-books, audio books and even interactive online courses.

“ Never confuse your nature with what you have been nurtured to become.”

- David Green -

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