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Much more than just books…

As the author or creator of your work, you expect to be taken seriously, AND you will want to receive the courtesy of serious consideration of your work…

That being said, most publishers simply don’t want to receive work direct from authors, which means the time and potential ongoing commissions of using a literary agent, who knows the ins and outs of publishing, including which publishing house to present your work to. But will they, and even if they do, what are the chances of having your first book published?

That answer depends entirely upon what you mean by the term ‘published’, and on your name and reputation, the subject, content, quality and commercial viability of your work.

Vanity publishing is an option of course, but that will cost money that is rarely returned in sales. Honestly, generally speaking, the only people who benefit from vanity publishing are the vanity publishers themselves.

The most obvious option for any first time author is to become published by a publishing house, large, small or independent. The challenge there lies in the fact that it is not an easy accomplishment, for a number of reasons, not least competition for publishing contracts. The large publishing house will reject literally thousands of submissions annually, and even the smaller and independent ones will not fall short of hundreds each year.

There is another option though, and it is one that is free from the pitfalls of vanity publishing. It is self-publishing, and with AimHi to support you, the process can be painless, simple and very inexpensive, if not completely cost free!

If you are interested in finding out more about how we can help you to become published, please contact us using the form below. Thank you.

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