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Whether you are  vanity published, published or self-published, there is something very important that you probably did not know. It is so important that the entire success of your book will rely upon it! No publisher, vanity or otherwise, is going to market your book for you. That’s right, because the job of a publisher is to publish and distribute books, and distributing them does not mean selling them. Distribution is merely a process of getting the book from the seller to the customer, BUT only when the book has been purchased.  It is your job as the author to promote, market and sell you book, and all publishers will expect you to do that for them. The good news is that the process is easy once you know how, and this workshop will provide you with everything you need to sell more books!

Delivery: 5 Day Workshop

Enrollment: £ 599.00 (including course fee, handouts, refreshments, ongoing support and a FREE web page to promote your book)

Produced and Delivered by: AimHi Publishing

How To Promote A Book  


Enrollment: £ TBA (including course fee, handouts, refreshments, ongoing support and a online resources to support everything that you learn)

Produced and Delivered by: AimHi Publishing with specialists from printing, publishing, Web Design, SEO and Public Relations.

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Presenting For Profit

You only get one chance to make a first impression and all successful authors know how to promote themselves to their best advantage. Book signings, book readings, key not speeches, public appearances and radio and television interviews are important ways to promote your book. With the explosion of online marketing,  webinars and Youtube video are just two necessary ways to get your message across to an information hungry public. Your ability to present yourself well is your ability to make profitable book sales. This workshop will give you the edge and provide you with powerful tool and techniques to get your message across.

Delivery: 1 Day Workshop

Enrollment: £ 145.00 (including course fee, handouts, refreshments and ongoing support)

Produced and Presented by: David Green, author of Presenting For Profit (Dodo Publishing 2012)

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