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Much more than just books…

Authors, Audios, Books and Courses to help you to get more of what you want out of life...

allenge lies in the consistent, focused and targeted approach being maintained, reviewed and adjusted to meet new opportunities and markets - what we call creative marketing.

Creative Marketing

Creative Marketing is the process of  developing new and improved ways to generate increased sales of your work, outside of the more commonly assumed methods. The Internet is THE business tool for inexpensive (more often free) ways to promote your work to new and even untapped market sectors, including niche and other special markets.

Above all else, we fully appreciate the need to generate profitable sales. Anyone can sell anything at a loss,  and it is relatively easy to generate orders when you have the resources behind you for advertising and promotions. To increase profitability, without increasing costs, is quite another matter, and that is what creative marketing is all about!

Effective creative marketing starts from day one of your publishing project, and it should be considered in every aspect of your marketing, from production and pricing, right through to web design, promotion and customer service.

We have some unusual, and currently quite unique ways of achieving this, and it is one of the primary reasons that we promote AimHi Publishing as being ‘more than just books’.

If you want to get the edge, place yourself ahead of other authors in your field of knowledge, and sell more books, audios or workshops than you would otherwise have done, we can show you ways to achieve that with little, and often  no increase in your ongoing costs.  To find out how, simply contact us using the form below.

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