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Publishing Criteria
Self-Help, personal and professional titles and content for publication by AimHi

There are two distinct publishing criteria around which we are happy to receive unsolicited submissions and discuss your needs:

Authors, Audios, Books and Courses to help you to get more of what you want out of life...

For authors wishing us to consider their work for publication by us. Such material should be specifically related to self-help, personal or professional development, and provide unique, different, new or up to date material that is interesting, informative, and of practical help to readers. Ideally, such work will contain some form of step by step guidance, tips, checklists and how-to elements, thus making it of high perceived and actual value to readers within its intended market or niche.

Submissions should be presented initially in the form of a brief synopsis, including the title and a complete list of contents. If you have experience e of the existing market for which your manuscript is written, please provide a comparison between your work and the current competition.  Please also include an outline of your experience, qualifications OR background, as it relates to your credibility as the author of the material.  Experience as valid as qualifications, so please do not be concerned about this aspect of your submission at this stage.

Assisted Self-Publishing content

Because we would be assisting you in publishing your work yourself, there is no set subject, style or classification requirement for such enquiries. There is also no requirement for you to submit a synopsis. Simply contact us with your specific enquiry and we will contact you to discuss your individual needs.


If you are unsure about which route to take, or you simply want to explore your options at this stage, you can contact us below for help with this process.

I am unsure about which option to choose and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this with someone please.

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