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Perception - the great illusion

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It came to me just a few moments ago, as do most of my ideas and realisations, in yet another moment of stillness, silence and solitude. Such moments usually occur when I am in the shower or shaving, but this one crept up on me when I least expected it. It is 12.15am and I have rushed back into my office to write it down before I forget.

I just popped outside into the garden for a spot of night air and my one and only cigarette that I enjoy at the end of the day, before taking a shower and going to bed.

The moon was shining brightly in the night sky and the wind was somewhat carelessly tossing the trees from side to side. As I sat observing mother nature, I became aware of the thought that what I was actually seeing through my eyes was, in reality, actually upside down. As you will probably know the brain ?rights? what we see and turns it up the right way in our mind. It?s called retroflection.

As I thought about this quirk in human neurology I became aware of another, more physical, illusion that, we not only take for granted, but its presence most of us are totally unaware of. We are also for the most part completely unaware of its influence over our lives and its responsibility for our remaining here on this planet at all. It is probably the most obvious and yet ignored example of subconsciously acknowledged perception that exists? and it is an illusion.

I will bet that you have never given it more than perhaps a fleeting thought in your whole life. I certainly have not until now. It is quite simply this.

Consider the shape of the world. That?s right. It is round. But that being the case, and viewed from space, the earth has a top and a bottom ? North pole and South pole. When people are standing at either pole, which ones are upside down?

It is only the force of gravity that keeps them all with their feet firmly set on solid ground. Gravity also gives the physical feeling of being ?up the right way? because everything around the world remains anchored to terra firma, regardless of it?s angle in space. Regardless of the science behind it, two people cannot be standing at opposing ends of the earth and both be standing upright ? it is visually impossible and, without gravity, practically its impossible too? And yet, because it is our ?normal experience?, no-one gives it a second thought. Our mind merely accepts what it experiences as being true, unless we question our experiences, AND our perceptions. Notwithstanding, gravity is gravity and we all remain the same way ?up? no matter where on the earth we stand, or do we? Does gravity create our reality? Does where we stand create our reality influenced by gravity? Or does our acceptance of what we ?feel? to be ?normal? create or manipulate our perception of reality regardless?

Actually, what matters is not reality itself, but how our perceptions of it empower or dis-empower our lives. Perception is indeed the mother of reality, and reality leaves a great deal to the imagination. Human reality is neither history nor truth, and human perception is merely the process by which we all neurologically (internally within or own mind) make sense of our world and our place in it.

So, next time you think something is true, valid, even real and absolute, you might like to ask yourself if there is another way of viewing it. Even the god of the 20th century - science,  has had to learn this lesson, as over time, some of what scientists had previously stated to be empirical truth has been turned upside down when they have discovered otherwise.

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