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Publishing your work

If your goal is simply to become published, and self-publishing is not for you, then we can assist you too. Whilst we do not publish every manuscript that we receive, we may be able to assist you to become published in one of three ways…


If your work is suitable, and it compliments our existing publishing criteria, then we may be interested in reviewing your proposal. If that is something that would be of interest to you, then select the link below, which will take you to our submission criteria, before doing anything else. We cannot guarantee to accept your work for publication, but it will receive fair and honest consideration.

AimHi Submissions Criteria


If your work is not suitable for us, then we may be able to introduce you to another publisher whose criteria is more closely aligned with your own work. There is no charge for this service, subject only to any such submissions being received by us in accordance with our submissions criteria.


We are able to publish non-related work under our ‘New Authors’ banner, which provides a platform for new authors to become published, without many of the disadvantages associated with vanity publishing. In essence, we would publish your work in association with you, enabling you to avoid the total costs associated with vanity publishing, in exchange for shared royalties.

This option is ideal for new authors, because they receive up to 50% of the royalties of their own work, without incurring 100% of the costs normally associated with vanity publishing or self-publishing. In addition, you would benefit from our  interest in your work being effectively promoted, distributed and spotlighted online. Whilst this option requires active participation on your part, we would provide the necessary guidance, advice and online resources to assist you.

For many authors, this option is ideal because they gain from a very high royalty rate, retention of copyright interest, an experienced working partner, access to all of our online resources, publishing experience, print and distribution facilities. This option also includes the opportunity to benefit from a bespoke web site for their book, and creative marketing to develop a reader following and a ready market for future work.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we can help you to publish your work, please contact us using the form below. Thank you.

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I am interested in finding out more about your publishing and author support services. I  understand that there is absolutely no commitment on my part, and I would appreciate more information please.

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