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The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattle

The Science of Getting Rich is the font of knowledge on this subject, and unknown by many, it was the inspiration behind the best seller, The Secret. Years ahead of its time, this book was, and still is, a classic, providing everything you really need to know about attracting financial success, without the spin, waffle and hype of some other books on this subject.

The Science of Getting Rich is pragmatic; concentrating upon what works in the real world. It is not philosophical, and is intended as an effective user manual for everyone.

Written in an easy style, this is a highly effective book for anyone with the desire, but not the time, means or opportunity to delve deeply into the study of metaphysics. In short, this book is about results, and it will work for anyone who is willing to use its content as the basis for action.

Another highly practical work from the author who inspired The Secret and Power, which in and of itself says everything one needs to know about this author and his work.






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