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Find something that you love to do, and you will never work a day in your life.?

- Harvey Mackay -

Probably the most fulfilling way to earn a living is to get paid for doing something that you truly enjoy as much as you do your hobby. Actually, the coolest way ever would be to be able to make money from your hobby, assuming that you have one.

For me, my coolest business ever is to make a living from doing and talking about the things that I love; which means writing, helping others and presenting workshops. Most people don’t ever get that opportunity, or at least, they don’t think the opportunity exists, or that it could ever be that simple.

One of the greatest things about the Internet, especially online technology, is that it provides unlimited opportunities and unlimited potential for anyone to do almost anything that they put their mind to, and at little to no cost at all. The Internet also enables people to start doing something that they love, and keep their day job until what they love doing becomes financially viable enough to replace their current income. That could take six months or six years, but who cares? Even if it did take six years, that beats 40 years doing something else, right? The secret lies in having a plan, some realistic expectations and taking some regular action. Everything else is easy, because doing what you love is never like working for someone else.

It all sounds very simple, but can it really be that easy? Actually, it is so easy, that everyone isn’t doing it, simply because they don’t believe that anything could ever be that easy. Sadly, many people also lack a real desire to act on their dreams.

“ The only difference between a dream and reality is that one stays in the mind, and the other comes about as a direct result of taking action.”

- David Green -

When it comes to turning dreams into reality, it is not comfortable reflecting back on what could have been, what we could have done, and why we didn’t do it. Often this is for no other reason than we simply never got around to it, or we just didn’t feel like it at the time. Commonly, it was because there was always some other distraction that took control of our needs in the moment, and stopped us from taking any action.

When we do what we love, no other work related activity can draw us away from it, and nothing is more satisfying and personally fulfilling. Work becomes pleasure, time flies and each day becomes more productive and more personally rewarding.

All human beings, with few exceptions, have the potential for much more than they ever actually achieve in their lives. Social conditioning, education, commonly accepted norms and even parental expectations, encourage them to fit in, find a job, do the right thing, and generally be what they are told is the responsible, and often safest thing. Whatever the reasons, the underlying causes, which are doubt, fear, and often simply not knowing any differently, leads billions of people to spend their productive adult life fitting into someone else’s plan for their life, instead of having their own plan for their own life. Whilst this may be normal, reasonable and simply the way it is, if you are different, and you have always wanted to take more control over your own destiny, there has never been a better time to consider doing so.

For the first time in human history, the risks associated with ‘opting out’ and becoming the master of our own destiny, are less than they have ever been, and the rewards can be even greater. What is more, you don’t have to give up your day job to do so, you don’t need premises, stock, staff, overheads or even an office from which to operate. Even better, you almost certainly already have all the equipment you will need to succeed, because all it takes is a computer, an Internet connection and the willingness to learn the processes. Even better, web sites like AimHi Publishing exist to help you.

Perhaps the greatest advantage is that you can take action and start today, build up a viable income over time and risk nothing, except the time that you will be happy to invest in pursuing what you love doing anyway. It is a win-win, and what is more, even if you don’t end up leaving your day job, you can create a secure additional income in the time it takes to study for a degree. The only difference will be the money going into your bank account each month, as opposed to a certificate hanging on your wall.

So, what is the best way to start?

Once again, the answer is surprisingly simple. You could of course complicate the hell out of it and spend a year and more learning about web design, SEO, e-commerce, article marketing, publishing, marketing, book production, design and a host of other necessary skills. The first lesson that everyone learns, and that can take anything from one to two years, is how not to do it, and how to pay the wrong people for the wrong or outdated advice.  Millions of aspiring online marketers have tried that, and the only people who make the real money are the ones touting the get rich quick schemes and how to makefast money online scams. It’s the 21st century version of network marketing, but the product is information that is often out of date, requiring some technical knowledge and Internet experience, despite what they will tell you. There is, however, a much easier and vastly more rewarding solution.

The most practical, measurable, achievable and duplicable option, regardless of any self-limiting beliefs that you may have about your abilities in this area, is assisted self-publishing, which means working with the someone like us to turn your knowledge, skill, experience and expertise into a saleable product, that once published, can sell time and time again, and for years to come.

The really exciting thing is that once you have written or even dictated and published your first book, you will almost certainly get the bug for writing more. That is how we started, and we have no more skill or ability that anyone else. We just wrote about what we knew, and developed our ideas from there. We have now written many books, and I have plans for even more.

It may sound harsh to say, but there really do seem to be just three types of people when it comes to creating a self-managed future. There are those who make it happen for themselves, those who watch it happening to someone else, and those who wonder what the hell happened to their life and all those great plans that they once had for their future. Before the Internet knowledge was part of the problem, but knowledge is now available everywhere online. The real challenge today is simply doing it, and most people seem to be able to find any number of reasons for putting it off until ‘the time is right’, leaving it until tomorrow, or simply just not having the desire in the first place.

From personal experience, we can assure you that it is far easier than you would imagine, not least because everyone else is always telling us how difficult it is, despite never having done it for themselves. And that’s the thing; free advice is rarely worth listening to, which is why people buy books, go on courses and attend workshops on and offline. And that is why they will almost certainly be prepared to pay for your knowledge, your skill and and your experience.

The real challenge is merely deciding to do it. Everyone knows something about something, and all that knowledge represents valuable information to some other people. It might be anything from art to zoology, even how to dowse with a pendulum. Whatever it is, there is a ready market of other people looking online for that information, experience, guidance and advice. The right information, when presented in right way and to the right audience, is a personal resource that can be as valuable as any part-time job, or even a full time income.

Our suggestion is this:

Is there something that you really love doing? If so, then how much pleasure would it give you to tell other people about it, showing them how to do it, and helping them to gain the pleasure that you experience from it? Who knows, you could even become an online authority, and believe it or not, the more specific the niche, the more likely your knowledge will sell in the form of a book. You could even get some help from AimHi Publishing to create an interactive online workshop, course or study programme.

The opportunities and the options really are wide open to you, and the odds are that your passion is shared by millions of other people online, somewhere around the world. That’s right, somewhere around the world, because what you produce will be accessible to the entire online world. The larger the niche, the bigger the potential audience. The smaller the niche, the smaller the audience may be, but the less competition you will have.

Here’s a real life example:

A friend of ours had a dog that was deaf. She learned everything that she could about deaf dogs, because she wanted to enhance the quality of her dog’s life. She even learned how to train her dog to understand and respond to signs. Sadly, her dog passed away a few years ago now. In memory of her, and simply because she wanted to help other deaf dog owners, our friend wrote a book about her experiences and her knowledge of training a deaf dog. The book has become a best seller in that niche, competing with well-known authors of the same type of material. She never dreamed that this would happen to her book, not least because she did not write it to earn an income, but that is exactly what has happened.

At the end of the day, we all have to do what is right for us, but there is one truth that we should never forget, because we were in danger of living that truth.

We only ever regret the things that we did no do!

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