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Much more than just books…

Why are self-improvement and self-help so important?

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Did you ever wish that things were different, that you were someone else, or that your life had gone differently, or turned out better? Most people have at some time or another, usually when life is not going so well, circumstances are less than great, and the world seems darker, less happy and more challenging than they would like it to be.

Have you ever wanted to be stronger, fitter, more intelligent, more capable, more confident, or even simply to not be afraid, or to believe in yourself a little more than you do?

The fact is that most people go through a time when they feel or assume that everyone else is somehow  ' better' than they are in some way, and many people don't believe in themselves as much as they could do. You may have even looked at some other people from time to time and thought that they looked more confident than you, maybe even wishing that you could be more like them.

Congratulations, because you have experienced no less than most other people do, and the fact is that few people are actually genuinely confident, totally happy with themselves or completely comfortable in their own skin. If they are, then they will almost certainly fit into one of four categories

1. They are just faking it

2. They are confident in their own environment but are probably less so out of it

3. There one of a relatively small number of genuinely confident, who are as rare as hen's teeth

4. They are over 50 and have learned over many years to become more comfortable with who they are

The fact is that in honest moments of self-reflection, most people would change something about themselves or their personal circumstances if they could. In truth, everyone can have, do and become more, but most of them are so socially conditioned into self-deceiving and dis-empowering self-talk, that they simply cannot see beyond it. They have literally become programmed or conditioned to believe all sorts of things about themselves that simply are not true.

The funny thing, and the one that you may find the hardest to believe, is that when you are looking around you at all of those other perfect people, they are looking around themselves and including you in their assumption about perfection, confidence, calmness, attractiveness, intelligence, or some other positive aspect that you don't believe about yourself. Reality really does leave a lot to the imagination you know.

It is also a fact of life that most people become so accustomed to what they have, that they rarely realise how fortunate they actually are. It's like having a pain in the arm. You get so used to it being there, that even when it is gone you forget to notice for a long time. The challenge with social conditioning is that it never heals unless we consciously decide to operate and remove the thinking, beliefs and behaviour that do not serve us, and build upon those that do serve us.

That is why self-improvement or self-help are so important, because without them, we simply stay the way we are, keep what we have, and never become more, have more and achieve more, unless it is by accident or it comes by default with old age and experience.

You are a gift to this world, and it is your very difference that offers so much for others to learn from and to listen to. The problem, however, is that we can only ever give what we have to give, and if you lack confidence, self-esteem, self-belief and a genuine sense of self-worth, you will never be able to give what you have inside when you are worried about what you lack in your ability to feel worthy, comfortable, confident and capable. The other thing about all of this is that those negative beliefs can stop you getting what you want as well.

Maybe your reading this article is no coincidence? Maybe now is the right time for you to buy into your own potential and reach out beyond yourself for information, inspiration and the knowledge that will help you to discover your most amazing personal power? Only you know what you have to gain, and what you have to lose. Whatever it is, if you don’t do something about it, you could be holding on to it for the rest of your life.

You were born the seed of amazing human potential. Early childhood and adolescent social conditioning was the food that fed the seed of the acorn that has yet to grow into the most magnificent oak tree. To uncover the fruits of our real potential we all have to go out on a limb sometime and reach beyond what we believe we can grasp.

The most successful people in our society today, most of whom are self-made success stories in all areas of human achievement, had no better start in life than anyone else. They did not have a better education or family background, and most of them certainly were no more intelligent or better looking. They all had insecurities, hang-ups, doubts, fears and personal baggage to overcome, but they share three common characteristics:

  1. They decided that they wanted better, or more for themselves, their family, their life, or other people, so they had goals
  2. They had a burning desire to achieve their goal, which meant that they could not give up on it, and
  3. Thy took action

The most important is burning desire, because it is the catalyst for action. They all faced difficulties and obstacles too by the way, but they found ways to learn, develop and overcome them, and that is the why personal development, or self-improvement is so important:

Self-improvement and self-help  provide us with the options and alternatives to discover ways to overcome our personal limitations and uncover our greatest potential

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